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MLM Coaching – The 3 Tricks to Overcoming Negative MLM Prospect’s Comments

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There they go again.

One a longer period.

Friends and close relatives spouting off negative feedback about your organization and your upcoming.

And they actually appear sensible with their reasoning. Or at least seem to.

You take a position there and just take the negative spit. And you just wish you realized what to say. But you stay quiet and actually begin to ask these questions:

“Could they be right?

“Can they realy have something here?

“What if they ARE right?

Understand this:

Negative well significance individuals are still — negative. (Read that again.) They may mean well, but there has never been any Achievements achieved in any home based business organization with a bad concentrate and a bad terminology.

So what do you do?

Here are 3 factors that can say to help reduce the effects of the negative feedback when they appear:

1) “I appreciate that viewpoint, but let me ask you a question: Who on the globe marketed you on THAT?”

2) “Thanks for discussing, but what you just said does not coordinate up at all to what I have investigated about this organization and items. Would you like to see a little of my research?”

3) “That is an exciting way to look at it. There are several other methods to look at that I have discovered as well. Let me describe…”

And there is also a key to doing this:


It is known as the individual most highly effective “velvet hammer” when you response a bad probability. Assurance informs the negative mlm probability that you know that they have an “opinion” but you are not purchasing what they said. They will FEEL that in your terms.

Most negative people are just that way: negative.

So you have a choice to make:

Are you going to let the negative mlm probability impact or even control your organization, or are you going to proceed confidently and not fear about the naysayers?


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  • Rosen July 6, 2014, 10:08 am

    No doubt when you get to mike’s blog, you will see a whole wealth of resources for network marketers build a successful business completely online if they chose to.

    • Mike July 6, 2014, 9:23 pm

      Thank you very much for the nice feedback, it feels so good to be able to share my experience, and it’s so fun when new people joins our team.

      / Mike

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